Working Womens Hostel

Sai Lakshmi Hostel is one of the preferred working womens hostels in Chennai having branches in different location of the city. These hostels are comfortable and cost effective, complete with various facilities for the convenience of th3e guests.


The spacious air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms are complete with the necessary furniture and maintained by the housekeeping staffs on a continuous basis to keep them fresh and clean. The community kitchen is a place where the working women can have different types of delicious foods and soft drinks. The attached dining hall has been designed to promote socialization and cohesiveness.


Considered as one of the best working womens hostels in Chennai, the Sai Lakshmi Hostel is the preferred destination and address for the working women, being located in a good locality and accessible easily. Adequate security and safety along with comfort are the hallmarks of these popular hostels. The guests at Sai Lakshmi hostels in Chennai find their extended stay as satisfactory, as it meets most of their expected needs.


Working women who have come newly to Chennai or staying in other hired accommodations would discover that the Sai Lakshmi Hostels are most suitable for them for several reasons.


The working women of Chennai wishing to stay at any one of the Sai Lakshmi Hostels can expect the best of services by spending less, not available elsewhere. The hostels can be contacted to know more about the available accommodation, facilities offered, cost of stay and other information by contacting over phone or by coming directly.